The process of website building is very simple. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it. Website building is done by experts It is a simple process. And if the website is not built under the supervision of experts, then it becomes a difficult process. Website Design & Development build your business.

The most pod website was created in 1991. The website building process has changed a lot since 1991 and tills now. Because now different types of options are available in them which prove to be beneficial for your industry. These are further made it more convenient for you to grow your industry.

What is web development & Designing?

Website Design & Development describes the process of creating a website. As you can find out from the name of website design and development that there is a difference in the name of these two, in the same way, it is different in function. Website design determines how it will look, whereas web development determines how it will function. 

Though these two are opposite from each other yet they have some similarities. As soon as the website is built, on the basis of that, further roles are also developed. Website development plays the most important role in the creation and delivery of the entire website, after that the work of website design begins. Webseek IT Solution provides the best Services. 

There have been many changes in the process of website building since 1991. Now website manufacturing has become quite developed.

Web Development

There are two aspects of web creation, one that the user can see and one that the user cannot see. The user can view the data located in the browser. This includes website design (its color, layout, font, etc.).

Coding languages ​​like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are used to develop the design. But all this user cannot see. If any user is filling their information on the website, then that information is saved in the database in the backhand of the website.